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Thank you for helping us get to this level in our fundraising phase.  

We are able to cover the flights of our cast, and film permits. 

Our next phase of funding is to cover:


SAG actors and the Screen Actors Guild Pension and Health


Lodging for 8+ days for cast and crew

Meals for cast and crew

Craft Services (daily table with fresh snacks, water, fruit etc.)

Fuel for Airport Runs



Generator Rental

Our next step is we are going to speak with the hotels in an effort to get reduced room rates. For meals, we have a church that may be able to help prepare the food. We are looking into the costs involved as well as seeing what food supplies for meals and craft services can be donated. 

Here is what you can do to help, DONATE MONEY because we need it to pay our cast and crew. And, if you have connections for donations of the following items::



gas cards for the crew


snacks such as chips, candy, drinks, crackers etc

Some things we just can't barter for, like the SAG rates and needing to pay our crew.

If you can donate, please do so. If you have a church, friends, doctors, lawyers a favorite aunt that you can ask to donate, that would be great. Have them use PayPal but if they want to mail in the donation, that saves that PayPal fee.

Okay, so with that being said please email me at if you need more information. And, take a look at the perks page!

Best Regards,

Lisa L. Bennett,

Creator/Executive Producer

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