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"Grace The Early Years" Audio Book CD

Stories Written By Cindy Smith

Produced and Created By Lisa L. Bennett

Copyright 2017 Victory Television Network

"Grace the Early Years" audio book CD introduces you to "Grace", the main character of our faith-based western film series. Nancy Stafford ("Matlock", Hallmark favorites "Christmas for a Dollar" and "Christmas With a Capital C", recently released "Heaven Bound", will star in the film playing the character of Grace and narrates the birth of her character on this CD in Chapter 1 "The Beginning".  In addition, we have the amazingly talented Kathy Garver ("Family Affair",  "Princess Diaries 2", "The Ten Commandments",, Tony Senzamici ("NCIS: New Orleans", "Treme", "Dry Creek",, Tanya Christiansen ("Dry Creek", "Wild Bill Hickok: Swift Justice",  HSN,, Jim Damron ("Forrest Gump", PBS, and introducing James Woody ( narrating the character of our Cowboy Guide.

Proceeds help missions in the coal mining town of War, WV. And, to fund the Grace film series. Thank you for your donation. We look forward to bringing you our family friendly faith-based western film "Grace" as soon as we continue our financing efforts. Until then, enjoy this wonderful audio book CD or purchase our book "Journey to Grace" from the above link. 

$15.00 plus $3.50 shipping
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