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Grace Short Film "The Beginning"

Faith-Based Western Non-Profit Project

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Make A Film and Help A Town

This film is a non-profit project. Our goal is to use profits derived from film-making to help in the coal mining town of War, West Virginia. Our ministry has been working in missions in that specific area for over 15 years. The community has been hurt from the many mine closures. The people are hard-working but jobs are scarce. Our mission site in War helps in many ways and we want part of our film-making profits to help further our ministries work in that area. One of the ministries goals is to help the homeless in that area. There are citizens in the community that have overcome addiction and have some income but no place of their own. Our goal is to build a community of tiny homes to help them become responsible citizens and be a good example for others that are struggling. In addition, we plan to use part of the profits to shoot a series of these films. 


Will you join us on this adventure?  It's an opportunity to minister through media and we can't do it alone. 

A wonderful group of people have already begun to help us. They have offered horses and wagons and their cowboy gear, locations, but most importantly, they have offered themselves. And, we are so appreciative they want to help us make a movie. 

Will you consider giving a monetary donation of any amount to make this film a reality? We need to cover the film insurance, cast, crew, hotel, travel and food to feed the crew. We appreciate everything that God provides. Nothing is too small and we will make every dollar count. 

Join us. Follow us. And, if you can, fund us. But, more importantly, don't forget to PRAY  for us.

Best Regards, 

Lisa L. Bennett, Executive Producer

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