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Nancy Stafford.jpg

Nancy Stafford

as Grace

"First Lady", "Far Haven", "Heaven Bound", "Christmas for A Dollar", "Matlock" TV Series, "Paul's Promise", "The Mulligan", "The Line", "Faith, Hope & Love", "Scandal" TV , "Nazareth"

Kathy Garver

as Ida Mae

"Family Affair" TV Series, "Idol Chat", "Yellowbird", "Mom, Murder, and Me", "Spider Man and His Amazing Friends" TV Series / Voice of Angelica Jones

Tony Senzamici.jpg

Tony Senzamici

as Preacher Charles Lange

"NCIS: New Orleans", "Heaven Bound", "The Line", "The Advocate" TV Series, "Tales From The Old West"

Tanya Christianson

as Emily Lange

"First Lady", "The Mulligan", "The Line", "Love Marks The Spot", "Bridge to the Other Side", "Legacies" TV Series

Tanya Christianson.jpg
jim damron.jpg

Jim Damron

as Daniel Cook

"Nashville" TV Series, "Forrest Gump", "Dust Devils", "Divine Decision", "The F.B.I. Files"

Johnny Ray Gibbs

as Samuel Foster

"Old Man Jackson", "Jurica Road", "The Shipment", "Texas Grit", "American Trash"

Johnny Ray Gibbs.png
ashley wagon.jpg

Ashley Rain

as Victoria Rain

And introducing Ashley Rain as Victoria Rain.

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