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About the Film

"Grace" is an upcoming faith-based western film series set in the 1800s that is presently in the developmental phase under the auspices of VictoryNOW Films & TV. The series will feature the esteemed Nancy Stafford as both lead actress and director, recognized for her prominent roles in "Matlock" as well as beloved hallmark films such as "Christmas for A Dollar," "Christmas With A Capital C," and the recently released "Heaven Bound." The project also boasts an impressive cast, including Kathy Garver, Jim Damron, Tony Senzamici, Tanya Christiansen, Johnny Ray Gibbs, and Ashley Rain. The project's story is created by Executive Producer Lisa L. Bennett and is being made possible through tax-deductible donations.

"Grace" draws its inspiration from a personal account relayed to Lisa by her cherished grandmother, who was a missionary. Additionally, a percentage of the film's profits will be directed towards aiding the town of War, West Virginia, where Lisa's parents have served as missionaries. War is a small coal mining town with a population of approximately 900 situated in McDowell County, which currently has the highest suicide rate in the United States resulting from drug overdoses. The loss of employment stemming from the closing of coal mines has had a considerable impact on the town's families. There are a number of homeless residents that had a previously addictive lifestyle. Our goal is to provide support by building a community of tiny homes whereby they can become responsible citizens of their community and lead by a good example. 

As a film series, "Grace" presents us with the opportunity to produce multiple films that can provide hope, encouragement, and inspiration to touch people's hearts.  The filming locations are in Georgia and Ohio.

We express our gratitude for your donations, support, and prayers, and we look forward to sharing inspirational stories through the "Grace" film series.

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